Verdant Prairies Village Floor Plans

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4 SitePlan w Info

Site Plan for Verdant Prairies Village

There are three types of housing:  Villas, Townhouses and Upscale Apartments. 

11 Villas Enlarged Elevations 

Villa Elevation

10 Villas Elevations 7 - 5 Unit Villa Plan

Five Unit VIlla Elevations                                                        Five Unit Villa Floor Plan

8 Villas Enlarged Typ 1st Floor 9 Villas Enlarged Typ 2nd Floor

Floor Plan for Typical Small and Large Villa               Optional Second Floor of Large Villa

14 Townhouses Front Elevation 16 Townhouses Rear Elevation

Townhouse Front Elevation                                     Townhouse Rear Elevation

15 Townhouses Side Elevation 17 Townhouse Section

 Townhouse Side Elevation                                      Townhouse Side Cross Section 

13 Townhouses Typ Floors

Townhouse Floor Plan Showing All Levels

24 Apartments Front Elevation 22 Apartments Rear Elevation

Upscale Apartment Building with Under Building Parking and Elevator

23 Apartments Side Elevation

Side View of Apartment Building

19 Apartments Grade Parking 20 Apartments Typ Layout

Apartment Parking Level                                               Apartment Floor Plan    

                                21 Apartments Enlarged layout                               

Apartment Floor Plans